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Quick Start

Assuming that you have the "mini-B" side of the USB cable connected to the RotoView unit and the "A" side of the USB cable connected to your PC, the following steps will allow you to quickly get started with the RotoView Evaluation System.

Step 1: Open a bitmap (*.bmp) file by clicking on the Open button in the upper left corner of the Main Module. Select any bitmap and click Open.

Step 2: Click the USB button. If you have an error, the RotoView Development System will prompt you to reset the hardware. Otherwise, the USB button will illuminate red and start blinking. This is an indication that you are ready to start RotoView.

Step 3: Click the Start button. Now you should be able to move the RotoView unit in any direction and navigate through your bitmap file.

Step 4: To view graphs of the response of RotoView's movements or to change RotoView's settings, click on the Expand/Contract button. You should now see an expanded Main Module.

Step 5: Click on any or all of the following speed buttons for graphs or settings:

- View RotoView Meters
- View RotoView 3D Bars
- View RotoView Scrolling Graphs
- View RotoView Enlarged View
- View Data View/Setup
- View Response Graph Editor
- View RotoView Setup

Questions? Please e-mail, or call 1+ (281) 879-6226, 9-5 p.m. US Central Time.

Please keep in mind that this system was released in 2003, many years before the emergence of today's smartphones and hand-held gaming devices that already include built in accelerometers and software drivers.

Development of RotoView Response Graphs

The RotoView Evaluation System incorporates various advanced tools, which are described in the Features/Specifications section. As an example, the following picture shows the RotoView Response Graph Editor:

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