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Features and Specifications

The RotoView Evaluation System includes everything you need to experiment with this exciting new tilt navigation concept. It features a fully assembled sensor module for the RotoView electronics, a PC software package that allows you to interface the board to your PC, and a flexible USB cable.

RotoView Sensor Module
The RotoView sensor module package measures 2.3" x 1.7". The board includes a dual-axis MEMS accelerometer, micro controller and other circuitry. No soldering or other assembly is required.

The module has a USB interface for direct connection to your PC. A highly flexible USB cable is included with the package.

RotoView PC Software

Included with the the RotoView Evaluation System is a special PC software package that makes it easy for you to experiment with this unique handheld tilt navigation concept. The software logs the sensor's data in both graphical and tabular formats, and the sensor board includes several test points that allows for additional voltage measurements.

Different interfaces are available, giving you a wide range of choices for measuring changes in orientation of the RotoView sensor module:
  • RotoView Angle Meter
  • 3-D Bars
  • Scrolling Graphs
  • Response Graph Editor
The RotoView software is customizable, allowing you to chose your own images to navigate, change the sampling rate, and even change the "skin" of the interface.

The RotoView software works with Window 2000, XP and Vista.

 Data View/Setup Screen
The Data View/Setup window monitors your PC's communication with the RotoView sensor unit. Use this window to evaluate the raw sensor data. The ADC Average control indicates whether every ADC sample taken is sent to your PC, or every 2, 4, 8 samples. The Polling Box allows you to change how often the RotoView sensor communicates with your PC.

 RotoView Setup Window 
The RotoView Setup window allows you to change your tilt orientation, navigation entry and exit settings, and RotoView Response Graph settings. It determines how the sensor data controls the view navigation. You can change response graphs, determine how the response graph will map the sensor data based on time in navigation mode, set the ratio of response to the sensor data, and enable hand gesture controls. Save as many settings as you want.

   Response Graph Editor
The RotoView Response Graph Editor allows you to set a special response mechanism for RotoView based on your tilting angles. The response graph is intended to correlate sensor data dynamically to the actual view navigation. The editor is a very powerful tool that lets you make as many response graphs as you want. Response curves are easy to customize by clicking and moving the response points.
   RotoView Meters
The RotoView Meters window displays the actual data that the RotoView unit sends to your PC using gauge graphs. The window also provides an easy way to calibrate the RotoView unit. It's a convenient way to view the X and Y data that RotoView sends to your PC.

 Scrolling Graphs
The RotoView Scrolling Graphs window shows the actual data that the RotoView unit sends to your PC in a dotted or line graph format. It is a valuable tool to see responses of hand gestures with respect to time

   RotoView 3D Bars
The RotoView 3D Bars window shows the actual data that the RotoView unit sends to your PC in a bar graph format, allowing you to see the differences in calibration of the X and Y sensors.

The RotoView Evaluation System is now available for $195. The kit includes a fully assembled board for the RotoView electronics, a PC software package that allows you to interface the sensor module to your PC and emulate the hand-held display, and a USB cable. It's perfect for an evaluation tool.

Click here to download the RotoView Fact Sheet. (PDF file, 179k)

To order, please call INNOVENTIONS at (281) 879-6226, e-mail, or fill out this form for more information.

The PC based RotoView Evaluation system (p/n INN-8778) includes the RotoView sensor module (with onboard tilt control accelerometer), a USB cable, and a CD with the RotoView development software. When activated, the software emulates a virtual hand held device which navigates a display based on the tilting of the RotoView sensor module.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PC base RotoView Evaluation System is now obsolete as we have replaced it in 2009 with the modern RotoView app for the iPhone.  

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