RotoView® Press Releases

The First Smart Scroll for Mobile Devices

INNOVENTIONS awarded US patent for virtual touchpad on user’s hand (read more...)

INNOVENTIONS awarded 10th patent for its smartphone tilt-based scrolling technology (read more...)

INNOVENTIONS awarded ninth patent for its smartphone scroller technology (read more...)

INNOVENTIONS awarded eighth US patent for its RotoView tilt scroll for mobile devices (read more...)

INNOVENTIONS awarded Seventh US Patent for its RotoView Tilt-to-Scroll Technology for mobile devices (read more...)

Enhanced “Tilt-to-Scroll” Technology Can Make Scrolling 360-Degree Photos Easier on Your Phone (read more...)

Sensor Kinetics App Now Top 1% In Downloads. Thanks a Million, Pokémon Go! (read more...)

New "Tilt-to-Scroll" Patent Makes Your Phone's Screen Easier to See While Tilting and Panning (read more...)

Texas Company Receives its Fourth US Patent for Tilt-to-Scroll Smartphone Technology (read more...)

Scroll and Navigate PDF Pages by Tilting Your Phone (read more...)

Record Multiple Sensors On Your Smartphone (read more...)

Tilt To Scroll Your Phone’s Display With New Rotoview Photo Viewer App for Android. (read more...)
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Zoom and Tilt Your Way Through Highly Magnified iPhone Photos with RotoView Photo Magnifier App. (read more...)

Discover the Hidden Features of Your Smartphone. (read more...)

New iPhone App Displays Sensor Data (read more...)

RotoView Tilt and Scroll Smartphone Patent Cited 170 Times. (read more...)

New App Displays Phone Sensor Data (read more...)

RotoView Tilt and Scroll Smartphone Patent Cited Over 100 Times. (read more...)

New Free iPhone App Demonstrates Innovative Display Navigation. (read more...)
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European patent granted for RotoView smartphone technology. (read more...)

Second patent for RotoView announced, expanding the company's intellectual property rights for the invention and creating a wider portfolio of licensing opportunities. (read more...)

INNOVENTIONS awarded federal registered trademark for RotoView. (read more...)

Low-cost development system for "tilt-navigating" small PDA or mobile phones displays now shipping. (read more...)

INNOVENTIONS Receives Patent on New Display Navigation Technology for Hand Held Devices (read more...)

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